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How to Choose the Best Upholsterer in Brighton

If you’re not into DIY but you’d love to update or repair some of your beloved furniture, you need an upholsterer. Their bespoke services can help you breathe new life into old furniture, create bespoke soft furnishings, and help you fall back in love with once-treasured pieces. In this post, I’ll show you how to find the best upholsterer in Brighton so you know you’re getting the very best service.

Check Out Their Workshop

When you do a quick search online for the best upholsterers in Brighton, you’ll get a few options to choose from. One of the first things you should look for is a professional-looking workshop with quality equipment.

They say a craftsperson is only as good as their tools, so a modern, clean workshop is a great sign that you’ll get a quality upholstery service.

Experience Level

Upholsterers who have been in business a long time have a lot of experience under their belt, which is another good sign you’ll get a professional service. At Field Soft Furnishings & Upholstery, I have over two decades of experience and a BA (Hons) in Art, Design and Media, so you know you’re getting the best results.

Prior Work

Check out their previous projects to see the kind of work they do and the level of quality they provide. All good upholsterers in Brighton should have a gallery with photos of their recent projects, so you can get a close look at their techniques, finishing practices, and quality.

Upholstery Specialisation

Some upholsterers specialise in specific types of projects, while others provide a range of upholstery services. If you’re looking for something specific, make sure you find an expert with prior experience in the type of work you’re looking for.

In Brighton, I’m known for bespoke soft furnishings, banquette seating, and professional recovering services. I regularly work on vintage furniture and provide an all-round upholstery service for a range of applications.

Custom Fabric Options

Next, look at the range of fabric options you get for your project. Upholsterers tend to work with certain fabric mills and suppliers, so they’ll have different fabric options for you to choose from.

I’m proud to have an extensive range of fabrics to offer my clients that suit all styles and projects. No matter what kind of upholstery you’re looking for, I’m sure I’ll have a fabric option you will fall in love with.

Competitive Pricing

Finally, get a quote from your upholsterers in Brighton before making any firm decisions. It’s always important to know what you’ll be paying up-front, so there are no surprises at the end of the project.

At Field Soft Furnishings & Upholstery, I offer competitive pricing for my clients and I’m happy to work within your budget by advising on realistic fabric options and services. It’s my aim to give you a professional service and a product you love.

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